I called on Jenny for a makeover of my website, in collaboration with Pan-Pan for the design. What a great team they make! She understood my needs immediately, and was able to meet them decisively and accurately. She's passionate about her work and extremely thorough. I recommend her without hesitation.

-Nathalie Gros-Bonnivard

Features: Multilingual, deconstructed design, dynamic portfolio, masonry-style content layouts

When I first saw the design layout proposed for this site, my heart stopped beating for just a second. And then I got excited.

I’ve heard stories of developers tearing their hair out when presented with design mock-ups they claim weren’t “made for the web”. Personally, I’ve always thrived on these challenges. When we break out of “classic” web boundaries—of standard column and grid layouts—we create constraints, especially a lack of flexibility where content is concerned. If those constraints are acceptable, then we can also create some truly unique and beautiful presentations.


The exquisite use of white space in this site combined with the highly deconstructed layout makes one of those unique websites. The main, static pages are bilingual presentations, with both language texts right on the page, disposed in offset blocks. Minimalism and geometry drive the overall feel of every page reflecting the photos of Nathalie’s work.

For the Blog and Press sections, we used a masonry-style layout, which allowed us to mimic the controlled blocks of space seen elsewhere in the site. This gives the pages fluidity and gives Nathalie the freedom to publish as much or as little content as she wants without thinking about design.

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