Very delicious apple-fig chutney

How about a little crossover, shall we? Because as much as I created this blog as an outlet for all things unrelated to work, ultimately life (mine in any case) is never completely compartementalized. I think that’s a good thing. If you follow me on social networks or read my professional blog, you may know…

Very delicious apple-fig chutney

Roasted banana squash soup

Two years ago my husband and I moved from Paris to Normandy, and for the first time in my adult life I had counter tops. Previously, my kitchen work space in our 45m2 apartment in the 15th arrondissement consisted of the top of our little fridge, minus the space already taken up by the coffee…

Don’t turn your back on roasting pumpkin seeds

Don’t turn your back on roasting pumpkin seeds. Just when you start to think, “Oh, I’ll just leave them in for 2 more minutes,” don’t. Take them out, they’re done. In 2 minutes they’ll be black and ready to toss on the compost heap.