Post placeholders

Ever have a layout set on a fixed number of posts that sometimes stops short? Ever wanted an easy solution for creating placeholder to fill those empty spaces?

Here ya go.

[pastacode lang=”php” message=”Just after you’re query that looks something like this:” highlight=”” provider=”manual”]

$new_query = new WP_Query( 'posts_per_page' => 9, ); // adjust number as needed


[pastacode lang=”php” message=”Add the following:” highlight=”” provider=”manual”]

$posts_per_page = $new_query->get( 'posts_per_page' );
$post_count = $new_query->post_count;
$placeholders_needed = $posts_per_page - $post_count;


[pastacode lang=”php” message=”Then, after your loop’s endwhile, add the following:” highlight=”” provider=”manual”]

if ( $placeholders_needed > 0 ) : 
    foreach ( range( 1, $placeholders_needed ) as $current_placeholder ) :
endforeach; endif;


Insert the content you want to make the series of posts display seamlessly, the placeholder filling in for however many posts you fall short.

Thnx @Rarst heart