Making Connections

Making Connections

“Jenny, I’m really disappointed in you.”
“Uh oh, what did I do now?”
“I signed up for your newsletter, and I still haven’t received anything!”

Fair enough!

I’m calling it Making Connections, an at least monthly newsletter experiment, and the first one will go out on May 1st (no backing out now). If you haven’t signed up yet, well go do that. Ahem.

The name came to me pretty quickly after publishing, What Makes a Great Newsletter? It perfectly sums up my desire to connect with people—with you—and the crazy way my brain works, constantly connecting dots and in often unlikely places. It’s how I come up with titles like Frameworks Are Like Fishcakes (currently still a draft because that dot was a little harder to connect than I thought, but it’s coming).

Here on my website I’ll be writing about business and the web and what I’ve learned over the years. Making Connections is where I will talk about all the other stuff.

It will be a private conversation between you and me, and like I said, it’s an experiment so anything’s possible. I will not talk about WordPress. I will not publish the articles here. I may communicate other things from time to time, but mostly I want to explore things outside the realm of what I usually write about. There may be anecdotes. It will definitely be personal. You’ll be able to share on social media for those friends who hate email. It might suck, but the cool thing is that you can always unsubscribe. But it won’t suck, it will be awesome. And maybe one day you’ll read something and that won’t be the day for it. You’ll have to come back to it another time. This happens to me a lot when I read. Some days aren’t the right days to think about a thing. And maybe you’ll read a thing and then write back to tell me how wrong I am, or how right, or something entirely unrelated. That would be cool, I’d like that.

Let the experiment begin!

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