Category Order, does just that.

Ever needed a quick and easy way to change the order in which categories are displayed on your blog or website? I had a tough case involving a custom query displaying posts from a specific category, then broken down into sub-categories. Up to there, all was well, but then I found the need to change the order of appearance of those sub-categories. Category Order hasn’t been updated since 2008, but it still works like a charm. I’ve even activated it network-wide on a multisite install with no problem. In a word: love. Thanks wp_guy, whoever you are!

Jenny Beaumont

Jenny Beaumont is an Agile Coach and the Director of Delivery at Human Made, makers of Altis DXP. She speaks at conferences around the world (ok, these days only on zoom), and is a former lead organizer of WordCamp Paris and WordCamp Europe.

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