Hi, I’m Jenny.

I’m a bicultural, multidisciplinary maker and writer, builder of teams, coach, mentor, speaker, event organizer and yogi, currently enjoying some time off.

Recent articles

Candy Crush promotional image

Life lessons from Candy Crush

Around this time last year, I abruptly found myself with a lot of time on my hands and little motivation....

Onward, forward

In the week before I officially started in my role as Director of Delivery, I typed, “How to be a...

Bullet Journal

My favorite organizational tool is analogue

People often ask me, “how do you stay organized?” As someone who works in technology it might surprise you to...

New challenges

New challenges

It’s an understatement to say that the last year has been challenging. What makes it stand out from all the...

Jenn Beaumont - Doing it wrong

Doing it wrong

On June 21, I had the pleasure of speaking in front of a packed room at the Estrel in Berlin,...

One year cupcake

A year on the job

Where does the time go? It’s been one year since I accepted a permanent position at Human Made as a...

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