Legacy Project Videos

It’s a launch.

Rebecca Manchester was referred to me through a mutual friend. She needed to update her existing website, which had mostly been put together with large blocks of images. She knew what she wanted, but wasn’t sure how to translate her Photoshop mock-ups into web pages. I helped her to tighten up her design a bit, but mostly to give her real web content – pure text that the search engines will love in place of text in image form that search engines can’t read.

A Legacy Project Video Biography or Audio Recording captures your life story, on-tape, for the benefit of your family and future generations. Record important stories about your ancestors, childhood, loved ones, life experiences, values, and accomplishments.


Jenny Beaumont

Jenny Beaumont is co-organizer of WordCamp Paris & WordCamp Europe, a frequent speaker at conferences in France and abroad, and a contributor to a number of blogs. After spending the last two decades building things in and around the web, she's taking a year-long sabbatical to reflect, to write and to look for her next challenge.

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