Hi, I’m Jenny.

I’ve spent the last 17 years building things: companies, websites, the occasional work bench and best of all, relationships. Now I’ll be taking a step back to think about everything I’ve built and what I’ve learned doing it. I’ll be writing about it in the form of articles (here & elsewhere) and through books, the first of which is underway. While introspection will be rewarding, it will be nothing without continuing to nourish all of those invaluable relationships. I looking forward to seeing you at the next conference, to reading your comments on my blog and to staying in touch on Twitter! Oh, and I just created a mailing list, so you should totally check that out.

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Where and why I am slacking

Growing up, “slack” was synonymous with a complete lack of productivity or being a downright loser. These days, it’s the...

What makes a great newsletter?

What makes a great newsletter?

On Monday I sent out my first newsletter and have received a lot of great feedback and encouragement to continue....

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

I wish all of you the very best this new year has to offer: health, happiness, love, prosperity. 2015 was...


TCPDF: what CSS does it support?

Download PDFThis is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now: test for some basic CSS to create...

15 years of freelancing

Celebrating 15 years of freelancing…with a sabbatical!

This month marks the 15 year anniversary of when I set out on my own as a freelancer, building websites...

Multilingual WordPress

Adventures with WPML and multilingual WordPress

This blog post was initially commissioned to be part of a series exploring the different multilingual plugins for WordPress, for...

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